We see a future

in which clinical trial data is freed from closed siloes

and instead is harmonized and shared, making it easily accessible and valuable, so therapies can be developed and approved faster and patients can get accelerated access to the next-generation therapies they need.

Existing Reality

For decades, getting clinical data ready for analysis and submission has been delaying bringing new therapies to market.

We are here to put an end to this!

Transformative Solution

Our set of tools automate the preparation of clinical data for regulatory submission, saving time, reducing errors, and allowing study teams to focus on analyzing and gaining deeper insights from research data.

SDTM submission-ready package in just three weeks with superior quality and at least 25% less cost compared to the industry average.

Ensure your clinical trial data is ready for submission - for free! DataGuard validates study data according to FDA guidelines and allows you to add custom rules using CDISC CORE syntax.

Get your Define.xml, Annotated CRF, Reviewers Guide, and data validation done MUCH faster in one fully integrated platform.

What sets us apart

Biondata brings together
Technology expertise and hands-on clinical data service experience.

As a subsidiary of Bioforum The Data Masters

A well-established and data-focused CRO, we bring unparalleled clinical knowledge and experience to our software solutions.

years in business
regulatory submissions

Our Advantages

Fast Delivery

3 weeks for fully validated SDTM submission package

Visualized Data

Review your SDTM data with out of-the-box visualizations, to quickly find data anomalies

Quality Data

Proven higher quality compared to industry best practices

Centralized Data

Have all your EDC, external data and SDTM data all in one central repository

Reduced Cost

25% less cost compared to industry practices

Our leadership

Eyal Wultz

CEO & Co-founder

30 years of experience in clinical research, supply chain and military industries.

Bremer Louw

VP, Operations

16 years of experience in clinical data services

Mor Meyerovich

VP, Product

15 years of experience in clinical informatics, built Bioforum Data Infrastructure from inception

Asher Yoskovitz

VP, Research & Development

15 years of experience in software development, building high scale E2E systems across fintech and ecommerce

Board of Directors

Yonatan Stern

Serial entrepreneur, sold three companies for more than a $1B

Eyal Wultz

CEO & Co-founder

30 years of experience in clinical research, supply chain and military industries.

Amir Malka

25 Years of experience in clinical research, co-founder of five life -sciences companies


Biostatistics, Data Management, and Medical Writing a multidisciplinary approach to the development of the CTD integrated summaries

Leveraging Machine-Learning for SDTM mapping

How can sponsors and CROS execute SDTM faster With lower costs?

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